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Thanks to Capt. Peter J. Piaseckyj for this correction:
I am so grateful for your outstanding scholarship and dedication. I have been a seaman all my life (I am 73 years old) and have read about explorations our world with great interest. You have added much original information for which I am grateful. There is very little in english of Portuguese exploration except for a book I have read recently, "A History of Portugal and the Portuguese Empire" by A. R.
There is a question, perhaps I am not comprehending correctly, but on page 17 of you book you give the following information.
Today's coordinates, Greenwich, Long. 000-00 E/W, Lisbon is Lat. 38-43 N and Long. 009-08 W
Canary Islands is Long. 15-24 W
Ptolemy coordinates, Canary Islands Long. 000-00 E/W
Lisbon is Lat. 40-15 N and Long. 005-10E
Please check my Calculation  Canary Long. 15-24 W minus  Lisbon Long. 009-08 W
Equals 006-16 Degrees, so if Canaries are Long 000-00 E/W then Lisbon is  006-16 E
Which is not 005-10 E as you claim in you book.

Sincerely yours,

Capt. Peter J. Piaseckyj

I have been waiting a good many years, too many to count, in fact, for this book by Manuel Rosa. If you want a book that is well researched, complete with details and sources, then this is the tome for you. Twenty-five years of research have pieced together a stunning array of artifacts and data, complete with DNA test results; one that resulted in the deceitfulness of power, of politics, false identities and false discoveries. Herein you will be able follow the author, as he connects the dots to a medieval conspiracy, so massive, so bold, so risky, and so well executed, that it has continued to fool the world for 500 years. This book, without a doubt, is one of the best to captivate me in a very long time. Manuel Rosa makes an exceptionally strong case for those who still insist on believing otherwise. (Amazon Review)

Dear friends, 
I strongly suggest  you buy and read the above mentioned book (in english). This is the most serious and in depth study I have ever read on the subject ( and I have read many...) This may well be a fundamental truth breakthrough arising at a time were we may expect many other emerging truth breakthroughs.
All the best,

Paulo C.


Yes!  I have now read the entire book.  Your detailed research is impressive, as is your  passion. Piotr and I empathize completely – we are both passionate about our research.  It is a blessing to have a “vocation” in the sense of a true calling, to wake up each day with something meaningful to pursue. As promised, I have written our historian friend at Oxford to ask his help...
We look forward to a continuing collaboration.
Judy H.

Manuel Rosa has done an outstanding job of debunking the 'official' Genoa peasant weaver Cristoforo Colombo myth. He does this with extensive documentation of Segismundo Henriques Jagiello's personal family history, life in Portugal and Spain, personal documents and letters, etc. Manuel also goes into great detail about the political climate and circumstances surrounding Portugal and Spain as well.
I definitely recommend this book to anyone that is interested in discovering the truth about the man falsely called Colombo.

Darrell Kastin July 6 at 11:52am
This fine book sifts the BS from the facts in the history of the man we still call Columbus, though he never used that name. 1st mistake historians made was relying on the novelist, Washington Irving's book on the life of the admiral, and Admiral Samuel Morrison's (also not a historian) bio; the 2nd big mistake was not realizing who and what King John/João II of Portugal was, let alone utilizing the many Portuguese sources: absurd, since Portugal was the only place we know for a fact where Colón/Columbus lived before going to Castile.
I have always laughed at Admiral Morrison's ridiculous statement as to how a penniless woo weaver who washed up on the shores of Portugal managed to marry a noblewoman with ties to the the king of Portugal.

June 26, 2016
Dear Mr. Rosa,
   I have to say that I am fascinated by your book! It is the most thoroughly researched book on the topic of the man the world knows as "Christopher Columbus" that I have ever read. I have not yet finished the book as of yet but, I would like another copy for a friend.
 If you could be so kind as to provide me with a link to the English edition, I would be most grateful.

Kindest Regards,

   Robert Bilicki

's review
Aug 05, 2016

really liked it
Read from July 03 to August 05, 2016

Fantastic book. The author methodically checks off the lies, the misinformation, the forgeries, and focuses on the aspects of Colón's life the historians have ignored or tried to explain away with ridiculous assertions. In particular, Rosa includes extensive family charts that show Colón's family was very close to the man to whom he wrote in Portuguese, calling Colón, "our special friend," King John II. It's clear in reading biographies of Columbus that the writers have never understood who Kiing John II was, or his relationship to Colón, which makes it impossible to know who Colón truly was.

I cannot wait for more information to come to light, whether it be written or DNA; more proof that the poor nobody from Genoa was not in fact the man we've come to call Columbus.

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  1. I have been doing historical research for over 50 years and found Manuel Rosa's book "Columbus The Untold Story" to be an extraordinary piece of archival research that should forever change how we think of the man who "discovered" the Americas. The following is a slightly edited letter I wrote to Mr. Rosa. I have removed some private confidential information that I shared in the letter:

    I am still reading your book, going back and rereading parts, but I am long past convinced that you are absolutely right. A number of my histories of shipwrecks have in excess of five thousand footnotes, referencing original sources, and I have always immodestly thought I was one of the best researchers in the world, but, after reading your work proving that the man the world knows as "Columbus" was not a lowly Italian weaver from Genoa, but a knight of high noble birth and that his claim to have discovered India was not made out of ignorance but as part of an secret plot hatched between him and the King of Portugal to misdirect the monarchs of Spain so they would not use their resources and manpower to infringe on Portugal's trade with Africa and India, I bow down to you as my superior. It is not only your research and attention to detail that has impressed me but your ability to connect and logically present the evidence supporting your theories.

    Please don't share this with anybody else, here is a brief synopsis of how I have concealed my knowledge (of certain things) for many reasons, one being that much of my work hunting shipwrecks and treasure has involved a real need for secrecy. As my father, who was in military intelligence, used to say — "loose lips sink ships." Secrecy and misdirection is something I have frequently used to protect myself and my discoveries. ••• Even in the 1960s, I was keeping some of my discoveries secret through the pretense that they weren't as important or as sure as they actually were. For example, when I was a teenager, a reporter called me up, saying he had heard I had discovered a shipwreck. I acted pleased that he had called and pretended I hoped he would immediately write an article. But that was not the case, I was upset that someone I had trusted had leaked confidential information. Publication would create competitors. To insure that he didn't write anything, I encouraged him to write something but pretended like I wasn't yet sure it was really a wreck, I expressed worry that it might just be some driftwood. I had actually discovered five wrecks and knew the identities of each of them. All five were Civil War era steamers over 200 feet long. There was no way that they were simply driftwood, as they each had iron hulls. As I had hoped, he didn't write the article and I didn't have to worry about competitors for a while. When he called me back months later, he was obviously pissed and said he knew the truth and was going to write the story with or without my input. I cooperated so I could help limit the info and thus the problems, which I knew the full truth would cause. It made national news and with the fame came not only competitors but instant enemies who were jealous of my success. I could go on for hours relating similar stories.

    In other words, from my own experiences with dealing with secrets that some I have concealed for decades, and, after reading your excellent book, I fully understand how and why "Columbus" lied and mislead people not only about his discovery, but his true identity, education, knowledge and background.

    Best wishes,

    Dr. E. Lee Spence, Underwater Archaeologist
    President, Sea Research Society (20,000+ members)
    VP, International Diving Institute,

  2. Dear Professor Rosa:
    I am reading your book about Christopher Colon (Krzysztof Kolumb) and this is the best written, documented and most interesting research study I have ever read. I am pleased to inform you that I was born, raised and educated in Poland where prior to my university studies, I attended High School with Piotr Chomczynski, who told me about your work. We were in this same classroom back in Warsaw and found each other via internet. We live in different states but keep in touch with each other. The theory that Colon can be a son of Polish King Wladyslaw Warnenczyk is a wonderful news for us and the book in Poland is completely sold out. I was lucky to be able to obtain this book in English translation from the Association.
    Best regards and many thanks from
    Ian Potocki and Marie Potocka with family

  3. Dear Mr.Rosa,
    Although I have barely started reading your book, I must admit that you have done incredible research, despite my final conclusions after reaching the end. The hypothesis of Christopher Colon being the son of the Polish-Lithuanian-Hungarian King Wladyslaw III has been known to me from an article published by The Telegraph in 2010. From what I recall, you have requested a DNA test to be performed on his father (Wladyslaw II) by the Polish authorities. I am sorry for being impatient, you might have written something in the part of your book I haven't covered yet, but since I haven't also heard anything about such undertaking, can you please enlighten me by confirming whether or not your request has ever been taken into consideration, or even - have you ever received any reply from the Polish authorities about their willingness to open the tomb?
    Best regards!


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