Monday, May 16, 2016

ERRATA for Columbus-The Untold Story

 Correction to Footnote 491 The footnotes was truncated:
491 Georg Pray, ‪Annales Regum Hungariae: Ab Anno Christi CMXCVII Ad Annum MDLXIV Deducti Ac Maximam Partem Ex Scriptoribus Coaevis, Diplomatibus, Tabulis Publicis, Et IdG enus Litterariis Instrumentis Congesti. Complectens Res Gestas A Carolo I. Roberto Ad Wladislaum I. p. 287

Correction to page 17.
...we can deduct the current Lisbon 9º8' W from the Canaries at 15º24’ W, leaving 6º16’ E, and see that Ptolemy’s calculation of 5º10’ E was not that far off. (However, the Canary Islands cover from longitudes 13°20' W to 18°9' W, leaving plenty room for Ptolemy to be dead on, depending where we measure from.)  Thanks to Capt. Peter J. Piaseckyj for this correction