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I have been doing historical research for over 50 years and found Manuel Rosa's book "Columbus The Untold Story" to be an extraordinary piece of archival research that should forever change how we think of the man who "discovered" the Americas. The following is a slightly edited letter I wrote to Mr. Rosa. I have removed some private confidential information that I shared in the letter:

I am still reading your book, going back and rereading parts, but I am long past convinced that you are absolutely right. A number of my histories of shipwrecks have in excess of five thousand footnotes, referencing original sources, and I have always immodestly thought I was one of the best researchers in the world, but, after reading your work proving that the man the world knows as "Columbus" was not a lowly Italian weaver from Genoa, but a knight of high noble birth and that his claim to have discovered India was not made out of ignorance but as part of an secret plot hatched between him and the King of Portugal to misdirect the monarchs of Spain so they would not use their resources and manpower to infringe on Portugal's trade with Africa and India, I bow down to you as my superior. It is not only your research and attention to detail that has impressed me but your ability to connect and logically present the evidence supporting your theories.

Here is a brief synopsis of how I have concealed my knowledge (of certain things) for many reasons, one being that much of my work hunting shipwrecks and treasure has involved a real need for secrecy. As my father, who was in military intelligence, used to say — "loose lips sink ships." Secrecy and misdirection is something I have frequently used to protect myself and my discoveries. ••• Even in the 1960s, I was keeping some of my discoveries secret through the pretense that they weren't as important or as sure as they actually were. For example, when I was a teenager, a reporter called me up, saying he had heard I had discovered a shipwreck. I acted pleased that he had called and pretended I hoped he would immediately write an article. But that was not the case, I was upset that someone I had trusted had leaked confidential information. Publication would create competitors. To insure that he didn't write anything, I encouraged him to write something but pretended like I wasn't yet sure it was really a wreck, I expressed worry that it might just be some driftwood. I had actually discovered five wrecks and knew the identities of each of them. All five were Civil War era steamers over 200 feet long. There was no way that they were simply driftwood, as they each had iron hulls. As I had hoped, he didn't write the article and I didn't have to worry about competitors for a while. When he called me back months later, he was obviously pissed and said he knew the truth and was going to write the story with or without my input. I cooperated so I could help limit the info and thus the problems, which I knew the full truth would cause. It made national news and with the fame came not only competitors but instant enemies who were jealous of my success. I could go on for hours relating similar stories.

In other words, from my own experiences with dealing with secrets that some I have concealed for decades, and, after reading your excellent book, I fully understand how and why "Columbus" lied and mislead people not only about his discovery, but his true identity, education, knowledge and background.

Best wishes,

Dr. E. Lee Spence, Underwater Archaeologist
President, Sea Research Society (20,000+ members)
VP, International Diving Institute, www.idiCharleston.edu

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  1. Then,Dr Lee Spence, you need to come to Terceira Island as soon as possible to visit the homeland of CorteReal family as well as to learn some other stories about USA and Tercira Island and other islands in the vicinity.

  2. Mr Rosa,

    I had the immense pleasure of hearing your recent interview with Ricardo Varandas, during which I found out about this incredible and immensely interesting subject, of Columbus' Portuguese origin being, apparently, a well documented fact (and not merely a theory or thesis, as I thought it was, until now). And, I have two questions:

    1) There are, apparently, three Portuguese versions of your book. A first one printed in 2006 ("O Mistério Colombo Revelado"), a second one printed in 2009 ("Colombo Português - Novas Revelações"), and a third one available in e-book format ("Colombo: História do Mistério, Censura e Invenção - Os Pontos Cardeais Livro 1") that appears to be just a first volume of a collection.

    Also, knowing I - through an interview that you gave - that the English version that you have more recently printed ("Columbus - The Untold Story") has some recent additions to your findings, I'm even more confused about what I want to ask you, which is the following:

    Which book, written in Portuguese, should I try to buy (including even in second-hand markets, if I have to) in order to have the most up-to-date collection of your findings? The version printed in 2009? The e-book "first chapter", and wait for more e-book chapters? All of them, because they all add up to one another? Or should I just wait for a Portuguese version of "Columbus - The Untold Story", because it will have all the findings that you have made so far, including the latest ones?

    2) Also, I have learned that you also give lectures about this subject, including in Portugal. So, is there any way that we, in Portugal, can know of them in advance, so that we don't miss them? (Do you have a mailing-list of your own, or something of the sort?)

    Anyway, Congratulations for all your great work.

    I will definitely be making a small donation, later this week, (using my real name) to your foundation - which, by the way, is exactly what I think that should exist, for a most important subject as this, that should become known by as many people as possible.

  3. Caro Amigo da Verdade,
    Porque a minha investigação foi conitnua desde 1991 até hoje, os livros mais antigos vão carecer das novas descobertas.
    Por isso recomendo o “Columbus. The Untold Story” por ter 20% de material novo que ajuda a confirmar quase 100% que CC era Segismundo Henriques.

    3 meses atrás eu enviei o mansucrito inglês par a Bertrand e outras editoras em Portugal para ver se consigo publicar em Portugal mas até hoje nada.
    Se por acaso, ou por plano, o amigo conhece alguém numa editora portuguesa que possa ajudar a meter este livro no Mercado português seria muito bom.

    Manuel Rosa

    1. Olá outra vez, Sr. Manuel Rosa.

      Muito obrigado pela sua explicação.

      Pois, era o que eu já suspeitava (que o "Columbus - The Untold Story" fosse o livro que tem a informação mais actualizada, com significativos acrescentos). Sendo assim, talvez espere eu por uma edição de tal livro em português (ou, em último caso, poderei também sempre ler a edição em inglês).

      Quanto a eu conhecer alguém que possa ajudar na publicação em Portugal, por acaso, tenho um amigo meu que é jornalista profissional e que já conseguiu que livros seus de teor político "incómodo" fossem cá publicados, por diferentes editoras. Amigo esse, que tenho a certeza que também se interessa por este tipo de temáticas históricas.

      E, para não estar eu para aqui mais a escrever sob pseudónimos e a evitar nomear certas coisas, irei ainda hoje contactá-lo a si, através do contacto que tem na sua página pessoal.

      Mas, seja eu bem sucedido ou não na minha tentativa de ajuda, estou certo de que o conteúdo do seu livro é algo de mesmo muito interesse para todos os portugueses - e que será apenas uma questão de tempo (e paciência) até que consiga você publicá-lo no nosso país.

      Um abraço e até já.


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